Sunday, 23 March 2014

Lunch ideas for 1 week using flour tortillas Day 5: Quesadillas

After posting about Huevos Rancheros yesterday and Quesadillas today you could be forgiven for thinking that this is a blog about Mexican food. It isn't. But in my quest to have a flour tortilla lunch every day this week, the temptation to try out Mexican-style recipes is too great to resist. In the UK we have only fairly recently discovered how versatile flour tortillas are but in South America they eaten them for centuries, if not thousands of years, so it's no wonder that they go so well with flavours from that part of the world.

My lunch idea for day 5 is therefore a quesadilla and my version is inspired by Mexico but I couldn't honestly say is authentically Mexican. A quesadilla is a flour tortilla that has been folded in half and filled with some savoury ingredients including cheese to make a kind of toasted sandwich. Apparently  the quesadilla gets its name from from the Spanish word for cheese 'queso' so I guess it goes without saying that cheese is not optional! Mine was filled with cheddar cheese and smoked bacon which happens to be one of my most favourite combinations but, in honour of Mexico I also added a bit of chopped green chilli. 


I haven't provided a recipe for quesadillas because it's the sort of thing that can be completely adapted to what you fancy, or what you happen to have in at the time, but I have outlined the method below.


1. Place a flour tortilla on your board and put the filling ingredients onto one half of it. 

2. Fold the other half across the filling. Press it down so it's quite flat and brush both sides with oil.

3. Heat a griddle or frying pan and cook the tortilla on both sides for about 1 minute each side.

4. Remove from the pan, cut in half and serve.

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