Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Pasty has landed!

After a few days wait since I placed the order I was really excited to take delivery of a package of Ivor Dewdney's pasties yesterday. These are the pasties from my hubby's childhood and there's a back story to this in my earlier blog Pasties by Post.

The pasties arrived by courier, still frozen, and neatly packaged in an insulated carton and were put straight into our freezer to keep them fresh. When my impatient husband couldn't wait any longer we took two out and popped them in the oven. They came with cooking instructions so we were careful to follow them to make sure we got the best results.

After what seemed like a very long 40 minutes, during which we regularly peered through the glass window of the oven like two children in a sweet shop, we lifted them out steaming and golden. It might sound like I'm making a big deal out of two pasties but Ivor Dewdney's pasties had only been the stuff of legends in our house until now.
Looks good enough to eat!

Thin crisp pastry and a succulent filling -
just what a good pasty should be like!
So we served them up and what can I say? They certainly lived up to their reputation! I've had many a pasty with thick, dry pastry and with lots of air and little filling inside but this most definitely wasn't one of them. The pastry was wafer thin and very crisp on the top and bottom and the generous filling was simple; there was no carrot, no onion, no anything else - just tender pieces of potato and finely ground beef that had been liberally seasoned which gave it a delicious peppery edge.

The best thing is, as I ordered 8 I've still got 6 left to go! 

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