Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pasties by Post

In our house the words ‘Cornish Pasty’ can’t get mentioned without my hubby waxing lyrical about the most yummy pasties he’s ever had which he got every year when he went on his annual summer holidays to Devon.

I know that pasties from Devon can no longer be called ‘Cornish’ pasties but my husband’s memories go back to when he was a child in the mid ‘70s when anything that constituted a meat and potato filled pastry, even if it was made in Wallsend, was naturally called a Cornish pasty.

Nevertheless, his memories of mouth watering Cornish pasties were from a shop called Ivor Dewdney’s in Plymouth, in Devon!  He’s told us the tale a hundred times of people queuing down the street outside the shop and how, when you finally reached the front of the queue and got your hands on one, the pasty was so hot you could hardly hold it never mind eat it!

Out of curiosity, I decided I’d look old Ivor up to see if the shop was still there and if so, if there was a chance I could get my hands on of some of those legendary pasties so I could take my husband’s stomach on a trip down memory lane.

Lo and behold! I found their website confirming that they’re still in business and thriving with the website claiming that they are at the leading edge of pasty production. Very impressive! And when I spotted that they offer a mail order service called ‘Pasties by Post’ that covers the most of the UK I just couldn’t resist.

Unusually, there is no automatic online ordering service, all orders have to be submitted on one of their order forms which can be filled in online then printed off and sent by post with a cheque. It then takes at least 7 days to process the order and despatch them to you.

I’ve decided to order a box of 8 large traditional pasties (veggie options are also available) at £27.00 including delivery so I’ve filled in my order form, written my cheque and I’m about to take myself off to the post box to post my order now and can’t wait for my pasties to arrive soon. I hope they are worth the wait and will live up to their reputation!
My pasty order ready to post



  1. Oooh I do like a good Cornish pasty! Popping over now to have a look at their site. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Will post when I get them so you can find out what I think of them xx

  3. I love Cornish pasties and must try this postal service out when I am next back in the UK!


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